Tuesday, March 01, 2011

The scale didn't budge, but I did!

I should be disappointed that I didn't lose any weight this week, but I can't be. I am too much in awe that I'm on week 6 of the c25k program! Seriously, you don't understand. I never finish ANYTHING and I know. I haven't finished this yet, but I've never made it past week 3 before and here I am on week 6. And not just week 6, I've already done day 1 and day 2 of week 6. It's absolutely crazy!

So what do I think of the program? I'm not really sure. I don't love running, yet I look forward to doing it. Maybe I'm just looking forward to the time by myself? It's certainly not the view while because I'm doing the program on a treadmill in the basement where I essentially stare at a concrete wall, but at least I'm doing it. And dare I say I'm proud of myself for sticking with it this long.

Blair asked what made losing weight a priority -- what finally made it click for you. For me it was looking at pictures, or really not wanting to be in pictures. This is such a special time for my family and I find myself not wanting to be in pictures with my son because I don't want to look fat in them. And even when I do give in and take a picture rather remembering the moment or thinking how cute my son looks I'm instead critiquing how I look and I don't want that any more. So pictures are my click.

Until next week...