Thursday, July 05, 2007

Greek Style Pizza

I love pizza. Especially if it has a good sauce and they aren't stingy with it -- what can I say, I'm a saucy type of girl -- but I'm not particularly fond of greek style pizza. I'm starting to wonder though if my definition of greek style pizza is made up. From time to time I seem to make up my own definitions for things and after a while it becomes fact to me and I'm wondering if this is the case in this instance.

So what is my definition of greek pizza? Well it's the pizza that you typically found in your local<insert town name> House of Pizza. It's cooked in a pan that has sides (see picture above), yet it's not pan pizza because the crust is not overly think. The crust itself is a crispy/crunchy and the pizza tends to be a little greasy. So why am I doubting my definition? (you may especially curious if you agree with my definition)

Tuesday night Mr Tall Guy and I decided to get a pizza from someplace we hadn't tried before, but I didn't want greek style pizza so I called to first check. The first place was confused with my question, but told me yes they had greek style. The second place though told me that no, it was regular thin crust pizza. Yes, folks we have a winner! I order a large cheese and off we go. Mr. Tall Guy hops out of the car to get it, gets back in and immediately I can smell that it's greek style. I'm not sure what the smell difference is, but there is one and I can tell the difference. Mr. Tall Guy is amazed by my skill, and yes indeed it's a greek style pizza. So the question is, was I talking to an idiot that didn't know what greek style pizza is? Or am I the idiot for making it up?


Mrs Big Dubya said...

I know what I think of greek style pizza is..... pankcake-type crust, greasy....

cape buffalo said...

the secret: greek pizza uses cheddar in the cheese mix and that could be the difference in smell and texture (ever notice the cheese is "waxier"?). you could try asking if it's thin crust or-egads- "brooklyn style"