Thursday, January 24, 2008

She's crazy!

Today I had a doctor's appointment in the town where I grew up. Yeah, I know. I haven't lived within 40 miles of that area for more than six years, but I still go to the doctor's there. What can I say? 1) It's well documented that I'm lazy and I like to procrastinate and 2) Who really wants to start establishing new relationships with doctors when you only have to inconvenience yourself once or twice a year to keep the old one. But I digress...

So while I'm in town I figured I'd stop by my parent's house. I called my mam (Granny to those readers of the Dubyas blogs) to remind her I'm on my way and she does the nice mammy thing to say she's looking forward to it and could I stay for a quick lunch after my appointment. I figured sure, what's an extra half hour or so. Off to the doctor's I go.....

On the way back from the doctors, I call mam:
Aunt P: Hi Mammy. I wasn't sure if you had anything already in for lunch, or should I stop and bring something back with me?
Mammy: Oh you know, I just had a dropped egg on toast. But I can go and buy you something? Or do you want a dropped egg on toast?
Aunt P: Don't worry about it. I'll be at the house in a few minutes.
End call.

Huh? Did that really just happen? Hello short term memory! Or is she just crazy! I'm thinking crazy!


Mrs Big Dubya said...

oh, it's already been established -- she's nuts

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