Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Stay-cation: Days 1- 4 -- FAIL!

We're allowed to take two weeks off from daycare without paying as long as they are in the months of July and August. We took a week off at the beginning of July and used the time to do a road-trip to visit family and decided to take the week of August 30th and just stay at home and be a family. Sounds great, right?

Today is day four and amount of family time so far? Zero. Well at least zero with the three of us.

Right after we picked the week we get an email from MIL asking if she come for a visit that first weekend. Not quite the way I wanted to kick off my vacation, but fine. She doesn't get to see the baby that often and it's important they spend time together. She arrives, everything is going great and then my husband gets a call Friday night that he has to leave the next morning for a last minute business trip. Fan-freaking-tastic. Don't get me wrong, I get along with my MIL, but I hadn't planned on hosting the visit by myself. Plus I had plans to get together with my sister on Sunday for a bit and had to cancel... Bleh!

Monday, my MIL leaves and I get the great news that my husband was able to cut the trip short and would be home late that night. Perfect! Until Tuesday morning that is. During breakfast the phone rings and he has to go into the office today. Fan-freaking-tastic again!

So here I am on day four and nothing has gone the way I've wanted it to. On top of that I needed to get one project done before leaving work last week and I didn't get it done. I had hoped to get it done over the weekend while my husband entertained my MIL and baby, but because of his trip I haven't been able to find time to do it. Urgh!

On the brightside, I have been able to have the past two days alone with my son and that has been wonderful. I'm just annoyed that my husband is missing it and I have no faith that the next few days will be any different.

I know that this is just a whining mess, but I needed to get it out. Ok. Whining over. Time to work on my project while the little one naps so I can enjoy my alone time with him the rest of the afternoon.

And crossing my fingers that we can salvage the rest of the week...

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