Monday, May 14, 2007

Introducing the new, but probably lame, Aunt P's Blog!

Well I came up with a title for this post, now what?

Ok, so you can probably guess that I'm new to the blogging arena. I actually setup a blog about two years ago so I could post comments to my sister's and her husband's blog. Two years have past and a number of the comments that I have posted to other blogs started with the phrase "I don't blog, but....". This prompted my brother-in-law to say "why don't you just do one?" So here I am. To anyone that stumbles upon this -- my apologies.

Unlike the dubyas who started their blogs among the sea of mommy and daddy blogs, I have no children. I am however the very proud aunt of 'Lil Dubya and 'Lil Dubyette, hence the title of the blog. I also have a dog. To continue the tradition of code names, we'll refer to him as Wonder Mutt. This is not to imply that he is a mutt, not that there is anything wrong with mutts, but Wonder Mutt is a purebred Brittany (a type of spaniel often referred to as a Brittany Spaniel, but they dropped the spaniel from the Brittany's official breed name a while back). Wonder Mutt is a handful and I'm sure I'll be covering may of his adventures here for all (that would be probably no more than three people) to enjoy.

Along with the adventures of Wonder Mutt, I will be chronicling my life as a newlywed -- at least for the next three months because I think that term expires at your first wedding anniversary, -- my life in a house that is constantly under construction any my life as just being me. This is sometimes very boring, but sometimes very entertaining. Especially when you incorporate pretty much any conversation that takes place between me and my mother, but we'll talk about Granny another day.

To complete the quick bio, since I mentioned that I'm a newlywed, I'll provide a quick mention of my husband who is known in bloggersphere as Mr. Tall Guy. He does not have a blog, but he is tall. Not ridiculously tall or anything, but tall in comparison to me (I'm 5 feet) and the rest of my relatively short Irish family. Mr Tall Guy is 6'3" (6'4" if he is standing up straight).

Mr. Tall Guy and I live in area known as MetroWest which is outside of Boston. We own a modest house (which was lovely when we purchased it) that is currently under construction -- more on that in future posts. We're relatively young and, with the exception of our love for vacations, we're pretty much homebodies. Which leads me to my first confession. I'm addicted to Television. I just love it. I love all types of crappy TV shows. I especially love TiVo because it lets me watch more crappy TV shows more efficiently since I can easily skip commercials. What kind of shows do I watch? Good Question. Well I just dive right in and admit that I watch soap operas. I've been watching General Hospital for over 25 years now and I also watch All My Children. I grew up watching Dallas, Dynasty and Knots Landing. Yes, I know that this all conflicts with the relatively young comment I made earlier, but it's true. I just started this obsession young. Let's just say that I knew it was time to go to the bus stop for kindergarten when the rerun of Love Boat was over.

This has been a hard TV year for me. Tomorrow night is the last episode for Gilmore Girls. The O.C ended earlier this year. This frees me some TV viewing time for me so recommendations are welcome.

And for the record, I am also addicted to Dancing with the Stars. It killed me that Billy Ray stayed on longer than Cliff "our favorite mailman" Claven, but at least he went before Ian, aka Steve Sanders. By the way, anyone know what Broadway show he was supposedly the star of? And your name is Ian, not eye-an. Ian won't make it to the top three, but at least he hung in there long enough for Billy Ray to leave. Predictions you ask? I think I have to go with Apollo with Joey in second. Joey had a bit of an unfair advantage since he had some dancing background. What do you think?

Ok. Enough is enough for the first post. I'm going back to work. Enjoy your day!