Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Oh no! The pressure's on!

I was hoping to stay in the bloggers closet a bit longer, but my sister outed me! I had hoped that I could get the hang of this in private, but I guess a publicly accessible blog isn't the best way to do that so I can only blame myself. So now I'm in the dilemma that I need to post something entertaining and not just entertaining to myself (I have an odd sense of humor. It runs in the family. It's why Dub fits in), but something entertaining to the masses (or the 1/2 dozen that may follow my sister's link). So what do I have to share? Hmmm, let me think. Oh yeah, that would be nothing. Zero. Goose-egg.

Well I do have one thing. Others generally find amusement in pain of others. This might work. Although it has potential to be slightly gross. Here's a story about my poorly behaved dog from just this morning.

It's trash day on my street and since I'm going away this weekend for 10 days, I need to get rid of the contents of the refrigerator. Not a big deal -- just toss a bunch of things into the trash bag. I put the trash bag down since I need to find shoes to bring it outside. On my way to find shoes I end up on the couch watching last night's Gilmore Girls. I've already admitted to be addicted to TV. It's my best friend and my downfall. I often get sucked into it in the morning... Time goes by and I notice that it is pretty quiet in the house. Where is Wonder Mutt (my 16 month Brittany)?

I love Wonder Mutt, but if I can't see him, and the house is quiet it's typically bad news. Wonder Mutt? Come here Wonder Mutt! Nothing. Not good at all. Ok. I get off the couch and wander into the kitchen. Yup. He's into the trash bag. He's eating the food I just tossed out of the fridge. He's eaten a big bowl of grilled vegetables brushed with olive oil and garlic. Just to be sure, I smelt his breath. (yes Mrs. Big Dubya, I do things like this) Yeah, that would be green peppers that I smell. Not sure what else he ate, but he sure looked pleased with himself. At some point I'll have to tell the story about how I've spent a small fortune on training this dog. See how well it worked?

Who cares you say? He's a dog. Dog's eat table scraps all the time. Yeah and with my past dogs I would have said the same thing. Wonder Mutt however is a bit delicate. He gets upset stomachs somewhat frequently and now it's time for me to go to work. Into the crate he goes and I just pray that he doesn't get sick.

The bonus is that Mr. Tall Guy will be heading home before me tonight so if Wonder Mutt didn't make it through the day than Mr. Tall Guy will get stuck with the clean-up, but it doesn't make me feel better... poor little guy.

And now for my daily DWTS tidbit. I was wrong. Steve Sanders didn't have enough of a following. Eye-an got booted. And I like Laila less and less every time she speaks. I get your confident, but that doesn't mean you have to be cocky and egotistical. She's in the final 3, and I'm hoping she comes out third. My prediction remains Apolo and then Joey, but Joey may take it. We'll just have to wait and see until next week.

As for Gilmore Girls, due to the interruption from Wonder Mutt I was unable to finish watching it. I'll have to save my teary-eyed recap until tomorrow.

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cape buffalo said...

Hi Auntie P!

You need to bring your dog to Chicky for obedience. She lives close to both of us. Go over and chat her up at the whine club.

And welcome to the world of wasting time online :)