Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Did you miss me?

Hmmm… So it’s been a while. Nineteen months to be exact, so I guess it has been quite a while. And a lot has changed since then. Not only am I AuntP, but I’m also MammyP. Back in October Mr. Tall Guy and I were lucky enough to welcome a healthy and happy baby boy to our family and I’m happy to report that WonderMutt has adjusted nicely to his new, non-hairy brother.

So why have I dusted off the blog? I’m not quite sure. My pregnancy was uneventful so I didn’t feel a need to document it and life after the baby was too busy to think of documenting it, but now I’m back at work and the baby, we’ll call him Gus, is in daycare full time, I feel the need. Also, I want to join McFatty Monday, but I’ll get to that later.

Gus has been in daycare for a week and ½ now and it’s going well. And I had been doing ok with it. While I don’t love my job, I don’t mind it and it’s nice to have other adults to talk to during the day. The dramas of the high-tech world now seem less significant than they once did, but it’s nice to contribute to the success of projects I’m involved in. Notice I said I had been doing ok with it and I guess I still am, but a sad and a happy thing happened yesterday. I knew that it would happen eventually, but it still stings. Gus had (achieved?) a milestone yesterday at daycare. He rolled over. I should be as ecstatic as first time mothers are supposed to be. My big boy rolled over! But I didn’t see it. And although I tried to get him to do it this morning, he didn’t. And how did I find out about this? In his daily report. I READ about it. Doesn’t the daycare know that they should lie about this stuff? They should tell me that they think he’s just about it do it and watch for it this weekend. But no. They told the truth and I’m left with a bitter sweet feeling of being proud of him and torn-up about it because I missed it.

I’m probably overreacting. It’s rolling over. It’s not his first word or his first step, but it’s something he did for the first time and I missed it. And I’m a bit sad about it….

Oh and while I’m now MammyP, I’ll still go by AuntP. Not that it matters because no one (with maybe the exception of Mrs. Big Dubya) will read/find this blog :)

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