Tuesday, May 04, 2010

McFatty Mon..., err Tuesday Week 16

Week 16 of HeirToBlair's McFatty Monday (they are on week 18)

What? Today's not Monday? Huh. Yeah, ok. I totally slacked yesterday, but at least it wasn't because I gained weight and didn't want to admit it. But then again I didn't lose weight either so I wasn't in a rush to shout it from the rooftops. I stayed the same this week which is fine. I had a very good loss last week (4 lbs!) and this week I indulged in two high calorie days. The first was an attempt to be strategic. I figured I'd throw in a high calorie day mid-week to shake things up a bit metabolism wise. And it probably would have worked if two days later I didn't follow it up with a fantastic date night with the husband. That's right! For only the 2nd time in seven months (the first being my husband's birthday in late December), my husband and I went out by ourselves. We had gone out a couple of other times with my sister and her husband, but this was just the two of us and we had a fantastic time. Good food, great drinks and time to talk about anything and everything. Well worth a zero gain/loss week!

But damn babysitters make a nice night out expensive!

The results: zero, zilch, nada. But not a gain!

Goals for the week: Hmm.... Behave at the BBQ we're going to on Saturday. And continue with the 80 oz of water a day.

Blair's Question of the week: What do you do in an emergency and/or on the road? Umm... I plead the 5th. (This may also be correctly interrupted as I go balls out with a quarter pounder with cheese & fries)

Have a great week!

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