Monday, May 17, 2010

McFatty Monday Week 18: Woo-Freaking-Hoo!

Week 18 of HeirToBlair's McFatty Monday (they are on week 20)

First off I want to say hello to the first guest host of McFatty Monday, Diana from Hormonal Imbalances. Diana is nice enough to help Blair out this week and totally upped the ante by working out during her McFatty vlog. Check it out of you haven't already.

So there wasn't a Week 17 posting. In fact I haven't posted at all in the past week or so because I was busy getting ready for and then attending a tech conference. Sorry about that! The conference played havoc with my schedule and I never got a chance to weigh in last week so I didn't know how I was doing. And for those of you that have been to tech conferences you know what can they bring. Food and lots of it. Breakfast & lunch buffets. Mid-morning snacks. Mid-afternoon snacks. Plus many open bar receptions with appetizers. Appetizers that aren't good for you. Granted the food isn't very good, but it's there and it's plentiful.

I tried to be good, but I wasn't always, so I didn't know what to expect this morning when I stepped on the scale, but the results were good!

The results: There was no week 17. And week 16 I didn't lose anything. So I'm down 3lbs from week 15, which was three weeks ago so I'm averaging a pound a week.

But what this really means is that I'm only ONE POUND AWAY from my birthday goal weight and I still have 11 days to go before my birthday! Woo-freaking-Hoo!

Goals for the week: Lose that damn pound!

Have a great week!

Oh and to try and tempt you back. If I hit my goal weight next week, I'm going to be posting some before and after shots.


karma-dee said...

Great job! Good luck on that last little bit!

I just started McFM this week but it's so inspiring to see everyone having so much success.

Heidi - D said...

Good for you!!! It is so awesome to hear about so many people having success. Way to reach your birthday goal (I just know you will!!!)...

Keep it up!

nicolesspirit878 said...

OOOhhh!I wanna see some pics, so lose that damn pound lady! Good luck lady and thanks for the comment love.

Lee Anne Holman said...

You can totally do it!!! Keep it up!

Safe Home Happy Mom said...

So proud of you!!! I just lost 15lbs in three months and I think I am gaining it all back...I need to watch it.

Diana said...

First - thank you for the shout out lady! So sweet.

Second - good for you for losing still with all that temptation. I know it's so hard to be out of your home or a routine and have the willpower to keep going. Week 18 - you are awesome! <3