Monday, February 21, 2011

Death sucks, but I ran for 8 minutes!

Last week I was in a funk and didn't feel like checking in. Death does that to you. For the second time in three years I helped a grade school friend bury their mother. I don't think I'll ever be ready to lose my parents, but these women sure the hell shouldn't be dying in their 60's leaving grandbabies that they couldn't wait to arrive and then to be robbed by only having a brief few months/years with. This time it was a woman who bravely fought cancer for over 20 years. She isn't in pain anymore and for that I'm thankful. And it while it may not have been the most reverent way to send her off, trust me to say it was fitting when I went after the wake with my sister and brother and drank to her honor and went out for a few more drinks with my best friends of 30 years, my sister and my dad to toast her again after her funeral.

A pretty somber way to start my McFatty Monday post, but if nothing else let it be a reminder to be nice to your mom.

Back to McFatty. Four weeks on Nutrisystem and I'm down 8lbs even! There was a bit of a set back while I was going through my funk, but I'm pleased. What I'm super-duper thrilled with is the fact that even during my funk I stuck with the C25K program. I just finished Week 5, Day 2 which means that I ran (ok, maybe it's more of a trot) for 8 minutes straight. And not once, but TWICE! I have started this program multiple times and this is the first time I made it to week 4 and now I'm halfway through week 5! Holy shit! I'm going to do it this time! (can't lie though, I'm petrified of W5D3 which is 20 minutes straight of running)

So in summary death sucks. Love your momma. Nurtrisystem rocks. And I'm going to finish the C25K program!

Until next week.

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