Monday, February 07, 2011

Second Week on NutriSystem and another loss!

What a week! My husband was away, we got hit with another snowstorm and I got called into a bunch of early-evening meetings that required me to walk around the first floor of my house in circles while carrying my son because it was his cranky time of night while on a conference call and praying that every time I un-muted the phone to speak that neither the dog or the baby would make a noise. Ugh!!!!!!!!

And I almost forgot! We lost power and I had to experience changing a diaper by flashlight!

This was totally the week I wanted to order take-out Chinese/Thai/Subs/Pizza/whatever! My stress level was off the chart and I needed comfort food! But you know what? I didn't really need. Did I want it? Hell to the yes! [huh. I'm not sure that writes as well as it sounds when I say it in my head...] But I didn't need it. This was my second week of NutriSystem and I was determined to see it through. So I ate my pre-packaged meals with salads, fruits, dairy and proteins. I completed week 2 of C25K and started week three. I drank water -- not all of it every day, but I made a good effort and I shoveled. What does shoveling have to do with any of it? Well it's exercise, but other than that I just wanted to say I did it because it sucked and for all my effort we were still left with ice on the drive and walkways!

And I saw results.

I know I won't see results every week, but I won't lie. It was nice to get it as a confidence boost this week. I lost 3.4 lbs, bringing my two week total to 6lbs! I'm so very excited! And I can already start to notice a difference in my pants already! NutriSystem probably isn't for everyone, but it's working really well for me so far and I think the C25K program is a great compliment. I'm confident that if I stick with both of them I'm really going to see some great results.

Until next week...


Blair@HeirtoBlair said...


I spoke with someone this weekend about NS & was just saying how EASY it is when you have so much else going on in your brain - it's one less thing to worry about :)

ChicChickadee said...

Hey, Im just starting Nutrisystem, too. It is my first week this week. I will be following your progress, so keep up the great work!