Friday, June 01, 2007

Where'd she'd go? Aunt P? Where arrre yoooouuu?

Or at least that's what my 'lil dubya would say when I leave for a while. That's right. I left for a while. Did anyone notice? I have had a couple of visitors lately, and then what do I go and do to thank them for their visit? I disappeared. And you really can call it disappearing because I never got around to say anything that I'd be gone for a while, but I have an excuse. (notice I didn't say a good excuse!) I actually thought I would be posting on my travels. The intention was good. I even started a post on day 1, but it never got finished or posted and instead I've been gone close to two weeks. So some of you may be wondering where I went and if not.... well I'm just going to tell you anyways.

About a year ago my sister and I decided to plan a trip to Orlando. I had a timeshare there and I thought it would be great to take 'lil dub there for another visit. (first visit was when he was about 10 weeks -- got to break them in early I say!) Then in October I found out that my company was going to be having their annual customer conference in Orlando as well and they wanted me & Mr. Tall Guy to speak at it. As luck would have it the conference and our scheduled tripped overlapped slightly, so with a shift of our vacation by one day, lucky old Aunt P & Mr. Tall Guy ended up getting free airline tickets since our company had to fly us out there anyways.

Many more months go by and when you agree to present at these conferences it seems like a great idea. A few days in a warm and sunny location, company is picking up the bill, cocktail parties, a concert, etc. But then you get reminded of the hoops they make you jump through. Yeah we know you are presenting at the end of May, but you need to have your presentation done by the end of February and dry run it three times in March so that you'll be prepared. I'm not sure about the rest of you but if I don't know what I had for lunch yesterday so running through a presentation in March won't really help me that much.

So between the conference and the vacation with the Dubya's, Mr. Tall Guy were gone for 10 days. That's a lot to cover in one post, so I'll break it up into sections

1. Joys of traveling with work colleagues
2. Joys of being with work colleagues 24/7 (or at least that is what it seems)
3. Vacation with two under two and a Granny
and of course
4. Adventures of Wonder Mutt!

Stay tuned for part 1 and enjoy your day!

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