Saturday, January 01, 2011

2011 - The year I'll attempt to blog

1-1-11. How did I miss that? My sister texted me this morning with a "Happy New Year 1-1-11" and I'm surprised I hadn't put that together. Maybe it's because they didn't make such a big deal about it like they did with 6-6-06, 7-7-07, etc, but still, I'm usually quicker than that. Maybe the big hoopla will come when we hit 11-11-11. Now that's a lot of 1's.

Huh. This is the year that I want to really put some effort into blogging and that was my opening paragraph. Displaying a fascination with numbers/dates and using the word "hoopla" probably isn't going to convince a lot of folks that I'm worth following... Oh well. These are the types of things that actually go through my head. Scary, but true. Sorry folks. Walk away while you can.

Back to 2011. I'm not really great at finishing projects that I start. I started this blog four years ago, but never really focused on it. My goal is not to be a famous blogger with lots of advertisers and cool giveaways. I'd just like share some of my random thoughts and maybe connect with some people that I stuff in common with. So with that I'm going to give blogging a shot for 2011 and see what happens.

A little bit about myself and my little family. I've been married for 4 1/2 years to a pretty great guy. He's smart, but an idiot at the same time. I'm not nearly nice enough to him, but he sticks around anyways and that's another thing I'm going to work on this upcoming year. We have a 5-year old dog (yes, we lived in sin prior to getting married!). His a name is Chester and he is a Brittany. He's probably the most disobedient dog you'll meet, unless of course you have food in your hand and then he is a angel. And then there is our son Callum. Callum's 15 months old today and is a great kid. He's not a cuddly baby, which I'm now wondering if that's my fault because I'm not very cuddly, but he's very cheerful and good natured and I love him to death. He's also very funny. Or at least he's funny to me, but then again I'm the one that started this post by ranting about numbers and dates! It's been a wild ride since we've had him, but I wouldn't change any of it. In fact the topic for tomorrow's post will be about our quest for baby #2.

A little more about me, I'm a working mom and keep a terrible house. I can't even use the baby as an excuse. I kept a terrible house long before I was even pregnant . I'm not crafty. I hate clutter, but I'm a bit of a pack rat. (If someone could figure that one out for me I'd be much obliged, okay? Thanks!) I'm not a fashionista, but I envy women that are. I'd love to be good at hair, make-up and accessorizing, but I can barely dress myself in the morning. It was probably a blessing we had a boy and not a girl because she'd be totally screwed! Oh and I'm procrastinator. I haven't done my wedding album yet and it's been over 4 years! It's fully paid for by the way, I just need to pick out the pictures. And my MIL is ready to kill because I haven't got her the parents album yet.

That's probably enough for today. If you are not totally appalled by what you read, you are invited to come back again. I'll be here all year!

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