Monday, January 31, 2011

Not a whoosh, but I'll take it!

1 week on Nutrisystem and I'm down 2.4lbs! Maybe it's not the whoosh loss of 5lbs that I dreamed of, but I very happy. All and all it was a good week. I might have slipped a time or two (a glass of wine with friends and a beer Saturday night with my sister), but for the most part I was an ideal Nutrisystem newbie and I'm happy with the results. And just to brag, I completed Week 1 of C25K and did Day 1 of week 2 yesterday.

So what do I think of it? I like it, but I do find it hard to eat everything I'm supposed to at the times I'm supposed to. My work day is somewhat crazy between switching buildings and the ridiculous amounts of meetings and I find that I'm sometimes eating lunch when I should be enjoying my afternoon snack, which then pushes my snack back. Now pre-Nutrisystem there wasn't an afternoon snack where I would instead eat my lunch so I'd just skip lunch, eat nothing (including not eating breakfast) and wonder why I couldn't stop binge snacking as soon as I got through the door.

My other may thought has been only smokes this is a lot of vegetables and fruit! Which just reinforces that I have been eating like crap. I guess it's not surprising that I've been struggling with my weight...

I'm actually looking forward to continuing on Nutrisystem this week. Who da thunk it?

Until next week...


Stephanie Doyle said...

You are doing great! It seems like any healthy eating plan involves so much fruit and vegetables, I am feeling the same way. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your first week!
I'm having a hard time like you eating when I'm supposed to. Mine is breakfast, I don't eat it so I can eat a little extra later in teh day but I'm learning slowly. Keep it up, you're doing great!!

Blair@HeirtoBlair said...

You are doing AWESOME.

I had the same "problems" when I started Nutrisystem - it felt like way too many veggies & fruits to keep up with! & too much protein! But it soon becomes just part of your life & you realize how much better you feel.

Good job.