Monday, February 08, 2010

McFatty Monday Week 4

Week 4 of HeirToBlair's McFatty Monday (they are on week 6)

So last week we had depressing, yet not surprising, results. I tend to do this. I had a good loss per the WW scale the week before, and then I go bat shit crazy and stop paying attention to what I eat because I'm doing great on my diet. Huh? Makes no sense you say? Well that's because it doesn't, but yet it's what I do. According to G.I. Joe, knowing is half the battle, but not in my case because I know yet I still do. Last week I swore to do better and here's the results.

The good: Didn't really journal, but tried to control myself a bit better at lunch during the week. Friday's Tuna melt wasn't my best choice, but the rest of the week wasn't bad. WonderMutt was walked three times. Water intake was good. And Superbowl snacks wasn't as bad as it normally would have been.

The bad: WonderMutt got screwed. Forget the weight loss, the dog deserves to be walked before being abandoned all day while we're at work. (So no one reports me to PITA, he does have a decent sized fenced in yard that he was let to entertain himself in the mornings, but he's a high energy dog and should get a walk in addition to that). I didn't care about the teams in the super bowl, but I do watch it for the snacks and the commercials. I had a couple of fried mozzarella sticks plus a couple of nachos (made with turkey chili!) and only a couple of beers, but still, I should have stayed clear. I did skip dinner in lieu of snacks which one would argue is also not a good idea, but at least I saved on calories!

The really, really, getting out of hand bad: 5K is now only 11 weeks away and nothing. Haven't trained at all. This is not looking good.

The results: To recap - last Monday my scale showed a two lb gain so I was plus 1 for the McFatty program. I weighed in on Wednesday for Weight Watchers and it showed a 1 lb gain, so I was down 1.2 lbs for the WW program. Today my scale shows a 3lb loss from last Monday, so I'm down 2 lbs for McFatty Mondays. Not great, but much better than last week. WooHoo!

Non-scale somewhat victory: I tried on a pair of a size smaller jeans and I got into them. There was a bit of muffin top happening so I didn't wear them, but hopefully it will be motivation to stay on track this week.

Goal for this week: Begin the training for the 5K. Enough is enough! Can't put it off any longer!

Have a great week!

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