Monday, February 15, 2010

McFatty Monday Week 5

Week 5 of HeirToBlair's McFatty Monday (they are on week 7)

The great news is that Blair is doing fabulous. 16 pounds in 6 full weeks. The eh news is that my weight loss is moving a snail's pace. This week brings the total to 3 lbs in 4 full weeks. I knew it would be slow, but an average of less than a pound a week is frustratingly slow. I'd really like to be done and at my goal weight. Can someone make that happen for me? Fantastic! I really appreciate it!

Ok, so I know that's not going to happen, so I guess I'll just have to pick up the pace myself and actually hit some of the goals I've been setting for myself.

The good: I did lose a pound per my scale.

The bad: Ever since Blair mentioned Red Robin last week I had to have it and it was delicious!

The results: 1lb this week for a total of 3lbs by my scale. 1.2 lbs for a total of 3.4lbs at Wednesdays WW weigh-in.

Pounds to Goal: 8lbs 1st Goal, 14lbs to stretch goal (wedding weight)

Goal for the week: Exercise!

Have a great week!

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