Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Trying something different

So much for focusing on my blog in 2011! But rather than dwell on it, I’m going to focus on the positive. I’m blogging today and that’s better than yesterday!

Continuing with the positive, I’ve decided to take control of my eating and my health which will hopefully impact my weight. The Saturday before last I sat on my couch drinking some wine and placed my order for Nutrisystem Select (because all big decisions in life should be made while drinking some wine!). Why Nutrisystem? Nutrisystem is attractive to me because it will reduce (hopefully eliminate!) poor food decisions – it’s way too easy at the end of the day to order subs (grinders, hoagies, whatever you choose to call them) or pizza or just throw together the quickest thing I can find which is usually not the best for me. It will also help force portion control and get me back into the habit of eating vegetables and using fruit, proteins and dairy as snacks rather than the delicious processed food that has become a staple for me.

The first batch of food was delivered on Thursday and I made the decision to start on Saturday so that I’d be able to stock up at the grocery store for the fruits and vegetables I’d need to go along with the program. I also decided that I would start the C25K program again (and by again I mean that I think this is the 6th time I’m starting restarting it – can you say issues with finishing what I start?).

So here I am 3 full days in. Day 1 I was a rock star! I stuck to the program and started C25K. The food was better than I thought and I seemed to be eating all day – probably because I was focusing on it. I liked the cereal, the cheesy potatoes were ok and I really liked flatbread pizza especially with the addition of some red peppers to it!

Day 2 we ran into issues – a baby shower. I went in with a plan, but the plan failed me. How does a buffet NOT have salad? Or ANY type of vegetables? I made ok choices since I was starving. Said no to the French Toast that everyone was raving about, avoided the bread bowl and baked ziti and ordered sparking water instead of the booze that is typically the only thing that gets me through a shower without taking a fork to my eye! But in hindsight I could have been better.

Day 3 we were back on track and I did the 2nd day of C25K program which was harder for me than day 1.

And here we are on Day 4 – the scale shows 2lbs down, but I’ll wait until Saturday to see how the full week went. I’m encouraged though – so far so good!

I don’t plan to be on Nutrisystems forever, but I needed to do something to get started. To see results and also train myself on what my dinner plate should look like. Breastfeeding your child is wonderful, but those extra 500 calories (or something like that) are hard to give up once you’ve stopped.

Until next week!

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Blair@HeirtoBlair said...

ahh, good job!! I can't wait to read up on your progress.

Nutrisystem was a life-savor for getting me started & motivated. & it works, no doubt about it.