Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bad Mommy Award Nomination of the Week

I'll be honest, several times a week -- it's really several times really a day, but I'm trying to be more positive -- I'll do something that puts me into the running for the bad mommy award. Of course none of these things are harmful to Fussy Gus, but are things that you'd never see Marion Cunningham, June Clever or Donna Reed do on TV. (If these name don't mean anything to you then damn I've gotten old!) But since there are so many, I'm going to try and narrow it down to one bad mommy award nomination a week to share. Unless I get better at parenting, this will most likely be a running post. Here we go!

Bad Mommy Award Nomination for the Week of March 22nd:
Dirty Sheet on Daycare Crib

Background: Fussy Gus goes to daycare and every Friday at pickup the parents are to strip their child's crib and take the sheet and blanket (if you use one) home to launder for the next week.

Confession: I picked up Fussy Gus on Friday, took his sheet and blanket home with me. The blanket and sheet went down to the laundry room. But then the weather was gorgeous on Saturday and I didn't get around to laundry. And Sunday was also nice and the short visit to my parents turned into a full day thing and I didn't feel like doing laundry Sunday night. So what do I do Monday morning? I go down to the laundry room and retrieve the sheet and blanket and put it back in the daycare bag. I my defense I did check to make sure there isn't any spit up or anything on it.

Granted they weren't really that dirty, but still...

And what's worse is that I keep an extra blanket and two sets of seats at daycare in case of an accident, but instead of putting those on his crib Monday morning I put the dirty ones back on so they (the daycare teachers) didn't think I was too lazy to do my son's laundry (which I totally was).

So here he is. Fussy Gus, asleep at daycare yesterday afternoon, lying on his dirty sheet and tucked under his dirty blanket. Doesn't seem to mind, does he? But it's still a bad mommy award moment...

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