Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bad Mommy Award Nomination of the week March 29

Oh no, am I sensing a pattern? Last week's nomination involved Fussy Gus' daycare bedding and this week it's the daycare backup outfit.

Bad Mommy Award Nomination for the Week of March 29th: My baby looks like a gigolo!

If only I had a picture of it because it was a sight. It's Thursday afternoon and I'm coming up to the part of the day that I look forward to the most - picking up Fussy Gus from daycare. Things were going as they normally do. I entered the infant room and gave it a quick scan to see where my little man was and on Thursday he was in the exersaucer which he loves, loves, loves. But something was different. He was in a different outfit. This isn't uncommon, but something was off. And then I realized that while Fussy Gus was giving me the huge smile that I adore he looked like a baby gigolo! And then it got worse...

The outfit they had changed him into was a one piece that had a collar and three buttons down the chest and then it snaps at the legs. And there he was in the exersaucer with all three buttons opened and no onesie underneath. That's right, my baby looked like a gigolo showing off his chest. The daycare teacher quickly explained that this is the second time they changed him that day and the remaining outfit didn't quite fit. Well that was an understatement because when I picked up from the exersaucer I realized that only 1/2 of the leg buttons were done! They essentially had to wrestle him into the outfit, couldn't snap all the buttons and apparently it was tight across the chest as well, hence the open buttons!

Note to self, when your child outgrows their clothes at home, it also applies to the daycare emergency clothes so you need to swap them out as well. Oh and onesies don't grow on trees, so you need to bring them in as well because let's face it -- the onesies are the first line of defense when diaper incidents happen!

My saving grace for the week? In my rush to get him out of there before the other parents saw him (judge if you must but yes I care about what they think), I didn't think to take a picture of him while he was still wearing the outfit nor did I think to do it when we got home. I can't believe I'm going to admit it, but yes, I contemplated putting him back into it for a photo op for the blog -- but only for a second and promptly decided against it.

There you have it. My bad mommy moment of the week...

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