Monday, March 15, 2010

McFatty Monday Week 9 -- The Horror!

Those of you quick on the take will notice there was no Week 8 posting. Week 8 started after the Atlantic City road trip where I was supposed to alternate water with beer. And while that did happen occasionally, it didn't help. On the plus side it was a trip enjoyed by all. There was some quality time spent with Granny (my mom) and my sister (aka Mrs. Big Dubya) when we snuck off to the casino for a few hours one morning and started the day with either coffee with Baileys and whipped cream or hot chocolate with Baileys and whipped cream (Mrs. Big Dubya gave up coffee for lent). Granny got to spend quality time with her four grandkids and my sister and I got to go out with our husbands not one, not two, but THREE nights in a row for a couple of hours after the kids went to bed! Let's just say I decided not to step on a scale for McFatty Monday #8.

So where does Week 9 leave us? Up a pound, but I'm sufficiently scared straight. Strike that. I'm absolutely horrified at this moment and will be utterly fantastic at exercising and watching what I eat from this moment forward until I can correct this awfulness. What is the awfulness you may ask? It hurts me to type this, but....

I weigh more than my mother

And before you say that it's not a big deal, you just had a baby, blah, blah. Nope. Not cutting it. I've lost all my pregnancy weight. I'm about 10lbs less than when I got pregnant, I was just bigger when I got pregnant than I wanted to be. My mom weighs less than I do. Ugh! I typed it again! I need to fix this! Now! Ok, well it won't happen immediately, but no more doing this diet half-ass!

We're vacationing with Granny again the week of Memorial day and as long as I'm not pregnant again I WILL weigh less than her by that vacation. I will NOT be sitting by the pool with her knowing she weighs less than I do.

How sad is it that I'm in competition with my own mother? (and she does not know this by the way so don't tell her, ok? thanks!)

Blair asked a couple of questions over at her week 11 posting that are quite timely given my new poolside goal. Are you a bikini girl or a one-piece? Tankini? At times I had been a bikini girl although I probably never should have been. While I've weight less than I do now, I've never been in shape. I definitely prefer a tankini over a one piece -- when drinking by the pool or on the beach, one eventually needs to break the seal, so convenience is key for frequent bathroom breaks. On my last vacation which was just prior to getting pregnant with Fussy Gus (fine, it was when I got pregnant with Fussy Gus, but that's probably TMI), I was feeling a bit self conscious about the extra weight so I bought a tankini with a skirt bottom to try to cover up the extra weight. For the upcoming Memorial vacation I'm going to at the very least ditch the skirt and go back to a regular tankini, but I won't rule out a bikini if my new found inspiration to exercise goes well.

Have a great week!
Apparently P (trying out my new signature)

P.S. I have a fancy new blog layout coming your way. Hopefully it will be up for my Week 10 check-in where I'll have been kicking ass in my competition against Granny. Dear Lord I have so many issues....


Blair said...

Dude. I hear you 100%.



But somehow, weighing more than my mother drives me battier than weighing more than Nate.

Oh, & after I was pregnant? My mother handed me her "fat clothes" to wear until I dropped the baby weight. HUMILIATION. (also thankful so I didn't have to buy a new wardrobe).

Anonymous said...

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